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Atheists and Pope Francis: Following in Jesus' Footsteps?

Atheists and Pope Francis: Following in Jesus' Footsteps?

Tonight, Pope Francis will visit a home for the elderly and disabled in Rome. There he will wash the feet of residents, all of whom are lay people. Wo...

Was Jesus Married?

Was Jesus Married?

An ancient papyrus fragment is creating quite a stir these days. It was first made public two years ago by historian Karen L. King of Harvard Universi...

Don't Invite a Friend to Church for Easter

Don't Invite a Friend to Church for Easter

One in five Americans hasn't yet decided if they will attend church services this Easter. According to a recent survey, 41 percent say they are planni...


Dave Ramsey

Financial Russian Roulette

Financial Russian Roulette

23 DAYS AGO  |  Dave Ramsey, Christian Press Columnist

Dear Dave,
My wife and I are debt-free except for our home. She travels one week ...



Dr. Jim Denison

Daniel Celia - Financial Issues

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