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A Budget that Makes Sense

  • written by Daniel J. Celia, Christian Press Columnist
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Obamacare will ultimately be the final nail in the economic coffin of this country.


That’s what I have believed long before the bill passed . . . and that’s what I still believe. That’s also what Paul Ryan, among other Republicans, believes. And that’s why he wrote his latest budget proposal, which includes repealing Obamacare.


Although all the details have not yet been published, I believe his proposal is a good one. Budget negotiations will begin to take shape this week. Next month we will face the issue of raising the deficit ceiling or our borrowing limit. Now is the time for Republicans to insist on a real budget and not the continued resolution.


Paul Ryan’s plan creates a balanced budget in ten years. That’s what can make the economy take off. But will it be approved? Not by this Senate. And a veto from the president would be a certainty. But with President Obama’s focus on winning back at least 17 seats in the House of Representatives next year, he simply cannot blow off the Republicans’ desire to repeal Obamacare. Obamacare in its present form makes strengthening our economy and getting deficits under control impossible. In fact, many Democrats are slowly realizing they have no chance of reelection as the truth about Obamacare unfolds.


A year ago I said Obamacare would dramatically change the Democratic Party. I believe Republicans need to do very little to regain control of all three branches other than letting Obamacare go into effect. I appreciate that some of them understand the economic consequence of this is far too great. But more and more Democrats are realizing that anyone running against a Democrat will win by simply saying, “I did not vote for Obamacare and I would not vote for it, as my opponent did.”


It appeared over the weekend that Obama is softening a bit on trying to form a deal with Republicans on entitlement programs and their restructuring. President Obama seems a bit more attentive these days than he might have been before the sequester went through. Part of the whole sequester strategy was counting on Republicans caving, and they did not.


Our leaders in Washington need to have real conversations about reforming spending and getting the size of government in check. We need a budget that makes sense for America—and that cannot happen with the flagrant costs of Obamacare.

Dan Celia is President/CEO of Financial Issues Stewardship Ministries, Inc. and host of the national syndicated radio talk program Financial Issues heard mornings 8 to 10 cst. To learn more go to




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