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Missile Hits Malaysian Passenger Plane

Missile Hits Malaysian Passenger Plane

A Malaysian passenger airline with 283 passengers and 15 crew members aboard was shot down and crashed in rebel-controled eastern Ukraine.

Prayer and Unity: The Quintessentially Jewish Response to a Kidnapping

Prayer and Unity: The Quintessentially Jewish Response to a Kidnapping

JERUSALEM—With their pictures posted on countless Facebook pages and widely published in newspapers and on websites, the faces of the three missing Is...

U.S. Works for Meriam Ibrahim Exit in Sudan Death Row Case

U.S. Works for Meriam Ibrahim Exit in Sudan Death Row Case

KHARTOUM, SUDAN (ANS) -- The U.S. says it is working with Sudan to ensure a woman freed from death row can leave the country, after she was detained a...

Dr. Jim Denison

Back You are here: Home U.S. Christian Shopping Channel Funds the Gospel

Christian Shopping Channel Funds the Gospel

  • written by CP Staff Report

How can a Christian TV Network survive refusing to solicit viewers for donations and forbidding to air fundraising telethons? With funding from the Christian Shopping Channel (CSC), a new shopping channel airing exclusively on, an Internet TV Network. CSC was created to help fund the Gospel of Jesus Christ through unique Christian TV programming.

"When the Lord instructed me to build a free Christian TV Network for viewers, without asking them for help and allow churches to broadcast for free, it reminded me of when Pharaoh required the children of Israel to build a palace with no brick," Pastor David Wright, CEO of, said recently. "It's a major challenge to keep a free Christian TV network operating, but to not ask for help from its viewers is unheard of and seemed impossible. However, I had a strong conviction and belief that everyone has a God given right to receive the Gospel free of charge because Jesus said freely you have received, freely you give."

Based on that conviction and belief, CSC was created. had to find a way to obey God and still pay bills. CSC allows them to do just that. With an unusual and unique business model for a shopping channel, product inventors are charged a low, one-time production fee of $2,500 dollars for their product which includes broadcasting a five minute segment on CSC located on channel 9 of This is a small fraction of the cost compared to what inventors must invest to have their products appear on QVC, HSN, and other shopping channels.

The production fee revenue generated from CSC helps fund the Gospel from a highly unlikely source, a shopping channel. has not only created the first of its kind, Christian TV Network, but also a shopping channel that's not just about selling products to make a profit but selling products to fund a purpose.

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